It's not like I wanted to write a review on an anime with a siscon/lolicon onii-chan !

But here I am anyway... you should feel honoured that I'd even spend a minute of my time trying to make you look good... baka!

Ok... I'm not a tsundere, and I really can't pull it off very well. But do you know what can? Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, or OreImo for short. With Kyousuke and Kirino at the helm, OreImo delves deep into the depths of a main character who has a huge siscon eroge addiction, tries to hide their otaku side from their friends, and their older brother who wants to do nothing more than make sure his little sister is happy.

I have to admit, when OreImo was recommended to me, I was very much of the impression it would be weird, and I'd probably endure it, but not enjoy it. However, I very much enjoyed watching it, so much so that I started waking up earlier just so I could watch more before going to work. Apart from the siscon/eroge-otaku thing, the main genres for OreImo are some of my favourite; comedy, slice of life, and harem (albeit low-harem). Yet OreImo manages to stand out quite well from other anime which share the same genres, due to it's unique blend of characters and story.

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My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute

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AIC Build

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30/Oct/2018 at 19:00

Come on scores, let onii-chan peek at your reasoning

Seriously... how can people be into siscon... I just don't get it, BUT ANYWAY! Once again, we're going to be ignoring the sound, as it's pretty average for the most part, a good OP and ED for both seasons, but nothing standout-ish.

Great artwork, that definitely has its moments

Although the anime, as a whole, tends to stick quite generic with its artwork; not too flashy, no risky special effects, etc. it does have the odd scene every now and again which stands out amongst the rest, and leaves an impression on you about the characters involved. 

For example, Kuroneko having a cute side. Even though it was shown many times during the opening scenes, when you see the full scene in her date outfit, you can't help but think of her differently.

The story and the characters go hand in hand, and would be terrible on their own

If you tried to write Kirino and Kyousuke which has similar genres, e.g. Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara, then the characters would be ruined, and the story would also tank because of it. Every character you get to know, and every relationship they have with one another all play perfectly into building the structure which is OreImo. 

If just one character wasn't there, or one relationship was different, the who show would feel different. Even if it was something small like Manami and Ayase not getting to be as close, then certain parts of the story would fall in on themselves, and the plot as a whole would have to take some drastic turns.

I'm not going to lie, I would have liked for a few changes to have happened, as I though the ending was a bit lacklustre, and on a similar scale to Aoi Hana or Sasameki Koto (both of which you should read the manga of, if you haven't - the anime is good, but the manga is better).
This doesn't mean it was a bad ending, nor does it make me think any less of OreImo as a whole. I just think it could have ended better, and if it did, there may have been an extra point somewhere in the score.

And with that, I'm off to figure out what to watch next. I'm thinking something from this summer, as I still haven't watched a single one of them yet, maybe Hataraku Saibou, because who doesn't love loli platelet-chan? Who know's what it'll be, but until next time じゃね!see ya 

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