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Welcome to my website

My name is Jordan, I'm a web developer working with PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS on a daily basis

I come from Nottinghamshire, which is a smallish county located in the centre of the UK. Although I spend most of my time here, I enjoy travelling around the globe seeing new sites, and learning, as I go.


My main hobby is gaming. Whenever I come across a game I really enjoy, I intend to write a review about it on this site. If you are on Steam, feel free to add me: @jordsta95

Second to this is watching anime and reading manga. I will try to write a review for everything I watch when I have completed it fully, the same will go for manga when I create a reviews section on the site for them, however, there may be occassions when this doesn't happen.
If you want to see almost all of the anime and manga I have watched, it is available on MyAnimeList