My little corner of the internet

Hey there and welcome to my site. My name is Jordan, I am 22 years old, and live in Nottinghamshire, which is in the UK.
I have lived in the UK almost all of my life, apart from a few years when I lived in the Republic of Ireland in a little town called Dunboyne… though, I don’t really remember living there, as I was only a few years old.

My little corner of the internet as written by Jordan

At the minute I am not 100% sure what I will do with this website, whether I will use it just as a personal blog, whether I will do discussions here, or do anything else, but I know I will try to keep this place as up to date as possible

For now I will just post to the blog here about my daily life, which I am sure no one is truly interested in, but I may post more things there in the future.

Now with that out of the way…

About me

I don’t really remember much of my life before the age of 15, and I can’t remember much since then, however it is less hazy.


I am currently unemployed 🙁
However, I still work on my personal projects, which are mainly web-development oriented.


At the age of 20, I moved out of my parent’s house into my own little flat. It’s very small, and is a little unsafe, but it’s all I can afford. Not complaining though, there’s few people in the UK earning what I do, and living alone.

Over the past 10 years I have tried many things, from YouTubing, which I still try to do, to streaming. Audio editing to artwork. Writing poetry and books, which never worked out, to playing the piano. All of which I seemed to grow bored of a lot quicker than most people would have done. This is an issue which still prevails today.

Online I go by the username of jordsta95, mostly, and this has been the case for over 10 years. I chose this name as 9 year old Jordan thought it sounded cool, although looking on it now I don’t think it sounds cool, but at least it isn’t something stupid like zZXxKillerN0Scop3sxXZz

Although I have been using the online name of jordsta95 for that amount of time, I haven’t actually been using it in games, online, for all that long (in comparison).

While growing up my family never had much money, so it was rare that I would get new toys/games. When I was 5 Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes back came out for the first time (yes, the UK got it late) and my father took me to see the movie in the cinema, and on the way home, seeing how much I enjoyed it, we stopped at Toys R Us and he bought me a Pikachu themed Gameboy Colour, and a copy of Pokemon Crystal. That game lasted me, almost on its own, until I turned 12 when my aunt got me Pokemon Emerald for my newly acquired Gameboy Advanced SP.
That same year I got Pokemon Leaf Green, and later the next year Fire Red. Soon after, my family started to get a bit more money, and bought me a Nintendo DS with Pokemon Pearl… You have probably noticed I like Pokemon a little bit. Heck, I still buy the main series games now. I have a 3DS with only 4 games: Pokemon Y, X, Alpha Sapphire, and Moon.

The first online game I played was Runescape, and this was also the first game I ever recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Money making guides FTW!!!! Even though I have had the same account for almost 10 years, and for at least 3 years had been a premium member, I still am nowhere near to level 99 in any skill. I don’t really play it nowadays, but I still remember my login details, which must count for something.

Since Runescape I haven’t really played many RPG games, they aren’t really my style. Nor have I really been able to enjoy online only games as much. However, my love of PC gaming has quickly evolved from going from almost consoles exclusively, apart from Runescape, in 2014 and before to PC exclusively, apart from Nintendo games, now.

Currently doing/planning on doing:

  • Playing: Hearts of Iron IV, Battlefield 1, Pokemon Moon, Planet Coaster, American Truck Simulator
  • Work: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Other: Waiting to win the lottery