A review on Hyouka? Why did it get those scores? I'M CURIOUS!

Honestly... I couldn't help myself for that title. I'm sorry! But this anime honestly did make me curious. Around this time last year, I started to really get into anime, and started following a lot of anime-related blogs on Tumblr (shameless plug), no matter where I went Hyouka was there.

Due to the mystery tag it had on MyAnimeList, I added it, but left it as a low priority; as mystery isn't really a genre that interests me. However, after it being on my list to watch for almost a year, I though it was about time to give it a watch and was I glad I finally watched it!

Kyoto Animation managed to create a story which, once again, kept me interested, even when the story was dull; not that there was much of a dull story in Hyouka, apart from maybe the school festival story arch which didn't really do anything for me.

Along with a good story line, Hyouka has likeable characters, and a great audio/visual combo to boot.

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Hyouka: You can't escape

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Kyoto Animation

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21/Sep/2018 at 19:01

Let's have a little look at the scores

With an overall score of 8, Hyouka has areas where it could improve, but for the series it is I would have been shocked if it had managed to score higher, as slice-of-lifes shouldn't really be able to hit a 9 or 10, in my opinion. Who knows, something may come along and change my mind on this in the future, but for now, Hyouka is getting the highest score I think a slice-of-life should get.

I'm curious as to how the story only got a 7

For a mystery anime, I kind of expected a lot more of a story, but this score doesn't mean the story is just "good". Some of the episodes have a great story to them, which spans over multiple episodes, and really gets you interested, whereas some of them, not so much. 

For example, story 1; the tale of Eru's uncle. It has some chinks in it, but the overall story is very good, and enjoyable, and there's no way the viewer can guess how it will end without the first few points being explained. Whereas, one of the final stories, the "stealing" of Mayaka's valentines chocolates to Satoshi, you can guess what happened within a few seconds of the mystery coming to light.

Some great sound to keep the atmosphere alive

Along with a great second ED, wasn't too fond of the first ED or either OP, the background music of Hyouka always seemed on point for the setting of the scene, and definitely helped create some wonderful scenes.

Although some of the background music reminded of some background music in a video game, though I could put my finger on what game, it was obvious enough for you to hear the music, but not obvious enough that it distracted from the anime. The only reason the sound is getting a 7 is because of my dislike for the OPs and first ED.

Who's the best character? I'm curious!

I think you can guess right? Out of Hyouka's four main characters both of the males aren't really likeable characters, as Houtarou has his whole "energy conservation" motto, whilst Satoshi seems like a nice guy but you can tell he's also kind of a jerk.

Then we have Mayaka. I really liked Mayaka as a character, and I feel she had the best character development out of the main characters. When we first meet her, it feels like she's going to be a horrible character who's going to be there just to berate Houtarou and be a generic tsundere character. But she is neither of those, and is a very well developed, and well thought out character.

And finally we have one of my favourite characters of the year, so far, Eru. Our hero of curiosity. Our maiden of mystery. Our loud but lovable main character. With her insatiable curiosity, many "mysteries" get solved throughout Hyouka, and without Eru the club would fall apart. Her character progression is minimal compared to Mayaka, though her relationship with Houtarou grows immensely over the last few episodes, and makes for a great ending to the anime. 

Though there didn't need to be any love stories in Hyouka to make it a good story, the love interests made for great character interaction.

Kyoto Animation show off their artistic brilliance again

Let's face it, Kyoto Animation are known for high quality anime. I don't need to talk about how amazing the artwork in Hyouka is. From the beautiful sakura tree, and its petals drifting gently in the wind, to the simpler things like the way Eru's eyes light up whenever she gets curious. The artwork throughout Hyouka is fitting of its scenery, and deviates from its norm where necessary; for example during the video club's movie.

Another review down! Time to think about what anime I'll be reviewing next. I could go back and review something I watched a while ago... or, seeing as it finished airing today, I could review Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro next, as I really enjoy the manga... Though, I do hope it isn't another OniSuki. But let's see what next time brings! Until then, matte ne.