A beautiful anime about an instrument many would never have heard of

Well... about the person who plays the instrument. But before Hibike Euphonium, how many people would know what a Euphonium is, if they weren't involved in a concert band?

Hibike Euphonium (HU) follows a group of first year high school students as they attempt to take their school all the way to Japan's national concert band competitions, and treats us to a great story, and wonderful sounds along the way.

Before watching HU I didn't really know what to expect, and I had only put it above other anime, as I wanted to review something where I could actually talk about the sound for a bit. Little did I know there'd also be a range of wonderful characters, along with a great story to boot.

I'm going to try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible, but if you haven't watched Hibike Euphonium yet, I suggest leaving now, and returning to read this review when you're done... Just in case I can't avoid a pivotal plot point.

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Sound! Euphonium

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Kyoto Animation

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21/Nov/2018 at 20:40

The sweet sound of a band

I quite like classical music, and orchestral pieces. I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to them, but when they're used in the way HU uses them, it makes you enjoy them all the more. From the short interludes of characters practising, to the whole band playing as an ensemble, you truly get a feel for the evolution of the music within the characters as the series progresses.

Whilst there's no scenes in the entire series, apart from a 10 second clip in a flashback, of my favourite instrument (the piano), let alone any scenes where one's actually being played, I couldn't help enjoying the sound that every character produced.

Along with the subtle, but nice, music that played during quiet scenes, or during scene transitions, the entire soundtrack to the anime was extremely well done, and even if everything else was terrible, I'd have still enjoyed HU for the sound alone.

With likeable characters, who look the part, Hibike Euphonium seems realistic

No pink haired babes in this high school, we keep it all natural, and all believable. The characters all seemed extremely believable, relatable, but also realistic. Each one with their own goals, and preferences, each one was developed to the extend you'd expect of their role, and not a moment more. 

I don't have anything bad to say about any of the characters, and I have so much I could say about them, that I feel it better to leave it at "they're some of the best characters I've come across for a while". 

The art and story are of the quality you'd expect from KyoAni

Let's face it when you hear Kyoto Animation are the studio behind an anime, you know it's going to have great story, and beautiful artwork. Hibike Euphonium is no different. It fits in nicely with the rest of their repertoire. 

However, when you compare HU to some of their other work, for example Violet Evergarden, the artwork and story are a little lower in quality. If it were any other studio, they'd be solid 9's, but because Kyoto Animation are well known for their quality, I can't consider a higher score than 8, simply because I feel they could have made certain aspects of the story more interesting, and certain scenes stand out so much better.

As a whole though, Hibike Euphonium is one of the best anime I've come across this year, without a doubt. It definitely deserves the love and attention it gets, and I'm definitely curious to see how the 3rd movie turns out next year.

With that, I shall take my leave. I'm not sure what I'll be watching next, but my Plan To Watch list is looking very interesting indeed. As to what I'll choose, who knows. So until next time, じゃね!see ya