When your love of games goes a little too far

That's exactly what Chio has to deal with pretty much every day in Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro. 

Having enjoyed the manga I went into the anime with low expectations, as the manga had not finished publication when the anime started airing. And as seemed to be the case, when I enjoy a manga and the anime was released before it finished, the anime tended to suck.

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro did not follow this trend, and that is great! For a series which is all about funny micro-stories, the anime nails what the manga put in place.

The character dialogue and interaction is perfect, and the characters themselves are exactly how I imagined them to be. Along with the anime doing very well to stick to the manga's art style for specific scenes, even when it deviates massively from the main art style; for example, when Chio brags about winning a 100 yen bet.

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Chio's School Road

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23/Sep/2018 at 12:21

For a comedy slice of life, the score are pretty strong

The only score which is obviously low is the story, but whilst it is low Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro doesn't really rely on any sort of story, as each half-episode(ish) is it's own short skit. Apart from a few over-arching stories, like Andou's love for Chio, or Andou's sister wanting to stick her fingers up people's arses... there really isn't much of a story-line that reappears over multiple episodes.

The sound is nothing standout, and can't really be praised

Whilst the music in the OP and ED fit very well with the artwork accompanying it, the music wasn't that great in my opinion. It wasn't bad by any means, but there just wasn't any standout music at all. 

There were some great sound effects, and they definitely prop the score up, but the music in Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro is about as plain as it comes, in my opinion.

The artwork is very true to the manga at all times

Whilst this may seem like something that all anime does, it's very rare for every scene to keep the manga's style. From poorly drawn scenes, to highly detailed ones. If the manga did that scene in a different art style, the anime did too. And it's not something I have seen in other anime all that often.

Along with this, the artwork, whilst not exactly the same as the manga's for the "default" style, it is great and lends itself very well the anime. And when the more complex scenes come into play, such as Chio's magic during her Kabaddi match, it really adds to the appeal. 

A great anime with no story requires great characters, and the lineup is good

With Chio being portrayed perfectly, from how she acts to how she speaks, the character really feels alive, and like a gamer who sometimes can't disconnect. 

Going along with her antics is her childhood friend Manana, whom I disliked just as much as in the manga. Which means she's a great character portrayal in the anime; she's a good character, I just dislike her personality - but if she were any different, then the series would be boring.

As for the supporting characters, they are all portrayed in a great way too. From Andou, and all his interactions with Chio, being just how you would expect from reading the manga, to Momo being the goody-two-shoes who you can't bring yourself to hate. They all add that extra bit of life to the series, and definitely make it worth watching.

I will admit the last couple of minutes of episode 12 seemed a little pointless to me, but that's just me. However, not as pointless as Kabaddi, am I right? And with that I am left to contemplate what anime to watch next. I'm thinking something a little out of my comfort zone next, but then again, I have so many slice of life anime in my queue, I may just no-life them like I did with Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro, who knows?

Anyway, until then, matte ne!