Girls with guns is such a wonderful thing

Oh wait, they are guns? What!?

And that was what went through my head when I first came across Upotte. 

I went into Upotte straight after watching Kancolle and High School Fleet (I may do reviews on these at some point), but I've had it in my queue of things to watch for a few months, ever since the first episode of Girls Und Panzer: Das Finale came out (I will review this once DF finishes). As such, I expected it to be girls with guns, having not read the summary properly, so a whole load of questions started racing through my mind when FNC states that they are guns.

However, I continued on with watching, and I wasn't disappointed. But, as you can see from the score, I wasn't exactly thrilled either.

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04/Jul/2018 at 18:57

If you're not disappointed, why only a 6 overall?

Well... let's start with the obvious. The girls are guns, yet they are never actually used as guns, but instead are guns who use guns. BUT WAIT! These guns that the guns fire will only hurt, not kill, a human. How? Why? WHO KNOWS! But however it happens, it surely doesn't make sense, seeing as the guns' guns are able to kill other guns with their bullets.

Are you confused yet? Because I am!

But other than the obvious plot-hole, why not expand a little on the scores.

It's visually normal, but with it's own slight twist

The artwork in Upotte!! is nothing to write home about. You look at the art, and think it's the same most other anime in its genre. 

However, one thing it has going for it, the girls have actually been eating it seems. Far too often in anime set in high schools, especially ecchi ones, the girls' legs are generally not much thicker than their arms. I dunno about you, but if I saw someone like that, I'd take them to the nearest patisserie and get them caked up, as they are obviously not eating enough.

For example L85A1 has some pretty chunky legs (at least compared to Galil or M16A4) for example

Unhappy L85A1

Oh, don't give me that, you know it's true...

The story was, well... was there a story?

I honestly don't know if there was even meant to be a story there. As a comedy anime it does well, although many of the funnier jokes are on the lewd side, but that isn't really the end of the world, though story-wise, it would have been better to just have each episode be independent from one another, with a few things that carry between episodes; L85A1 being a dud, Sako RK95 being cruel but cool, etc. 

Nevertheless, what little story there is does have some merits, but not enough to push it beyond a score of 5. 

  • We see L85A1, a running joke of being useless and always breaking, break but continue to fight in the last episode.
  • The Japanese teacher comes to understand the girls a little better, though still has a long way to go.
  • The main characters show that they can come together as a team, when the situation forces them to.
  • FNC and L85A1 manage to remain cute

But that's about all it has going for it in terms of any sort of story, and it felt like it was trying to have a consistent story from episode to episode, and not be independent from one another.

Bang bang!

The gun noises were pretty good, I can't fault Upotte on that. The background music was lacklustre, and forgettable, but BGM can be, so I can't fault it for that.

However, the OP and ED didn't really do a great job of setting the scene at all. The music wasn't really that catchy, or memorable, and the tune not that great, in my opinion. I remember and like the first few seconds of the OP, but after that it's all just a blur, and when my phone's song library is littered with OPs and EDs, even from anime I wasn't a huge fan of (looking at you Kashimashi), because the songs were either catchy or just very good. Unfortunately, Upotte!! won't be adding anything to that list, and because it hasn't got any songs which make me want to play them when I'm on the way to work/travelling, I can't really give it much of a higher score.

She's so pretty, oh so pretty, so pretty, and *click - magazine falls out*

As you have probably guessed, I liked quite liked L85A1. She was pretty cute, sure, but she was a pretty well rounded character too; and played quite well into a pretty strong British stereotype (seeing as that is where the L85 is from, and where she is apparently from) - Stubbornness. She's defective, sure, but she still tries. No matter how many times she breaks, she gets patched up and carries on. Keep calm and carry on you beautiful gun girl!


FNC, our "main" main character of the series, is also a great character. She's cute, funny, short tempered and wears a thong a great friend. From episode one she sets the tone of the show quite well, from her initial encounter with the Japanese teacher where she *ahem* almost has her firing pin go off, to her more serious side also being shown. Along with this, we see her develop slightly as a character, but as mentioned previously, development of both story and characters in this anime is kind of not really a thing... It's there, but for what it's worth, it may as well not be.

Then there's our final two main characters. M16A4 and SIG 550. The American gun which doesn't really have much to do with America, other than her 'Nam flashbacks. And the Swiss gun who's too good to be true. Whilst both of them have main roles in the story of Upotte, neither of them really left any real impact on me, whether that is a good or a bad thing, that's debatable. 

The supporting characters aren't fleshed out in the slightest. From the Japanese teacher who never is given a name to the other school kids who are just there to extend the dialogue, there aren't any non-main characters who you could potentially choose as a favourite character... other than Galil, but I don't really see the appeal of cat girls.

End notes

Review #2 done. Hopefully I'll start to get better at writing these at some point, I also want to start reviewing each anime as I actually finish them now.

I wrote the Koe No Katachi review in January, whilst still building this site, but didn't really have a decent way to write and manage the content of the site, so that I had some content to help with styling the pages. But I have finally finished building a workable admin panel for me to write these reviews in, so there really isn't anything stopping me now from doing more reviews.

As you can see with this review, I won't be reviewing brand new anime (at least not always, I sometimes will). The same will also be true for my game reviews.

But, until next time!