A wonderfully warm day today. So we decided to walk down the road from the hotel, look out over the lake for a bit, and then have a nice walk around the zoo.

I didn't take any pictures whilst in the zoo, but we saw the most active Giant Panda I have ever seen, along with many other cute animals.

After an early night we were up early and made our way to Harajuku.

As we were there so early, we went to Yoyogi park to walk around the Meji Shrine and gardens there.

After a lovely walk around, we went to Harajuku and had a look around a few shops.

After a hell of getting through what seemed like a million check-in desks at Shanghai, after 36 hours without sleep, we finally got on the plane to Tokyo.

After landing in Tokyo, still having no sleep, we got on the train to our hotel which felt so comfortable I could have actually fallen asleep on. 

Once we got to the hotel we both fell asleep pretty quickly.

Took a coach from the local bus station at 3am down to London, to transfer to a train to Gatwick.

This was then followed by an 11 hour flight to Shanghai, where we would have a 4 hour layover before flying over to Tokyo.

Travelling down to Gatwick airport, and preparing for a 14 hour flight to Shanghai, followed by a 3 hour layover, before a final flight into Tokyo.

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Travel status: in-progress

I'm going on my honeymoon!

It's been a good few years since the last one of these travel logs. COVID, getting engaged, and getting married put a stop to annual trips. 

But now, I get to take my spouse, a person whom I love the most, to Japan, a country which I love.

They have never been on a long-haul flight, so this is a bunch of firsts for them. And probably a happy last for me, as much as I love Japan, it's an expensive place to visit, so we're going to make the most of our time here for sure!