Tomorrow morning we leave Japan. And as we have no money left, and nothing planned for today, we ended up taking one last walk around Akihabara before packing our bags, and getting ready for a long day in the morning.

Departing at midday Tokyo time, arriving 10pm back home.

A simple day today,looking through a few shops in Shinjuku, but not really doing much else.

We have little money left, so we're keeping it cheap by just walking around and looking at things.

Today we went for a walk down Takeshita street, an extremely busy shopping district in Harajuku.

There were a lot of people in the street, but not many in the shops luckily, so we were able to get a bit of personal space back when looking around in the shops.

Imalune didn't want to go out today, so I ended up going for a gentle stroll through Chuo park, and around parts of Shinjuku.

Nothing special in terms of pictures today.

Today we spent most of the day in Sibuya where Imalune went clothes shopping.

No pictures for today, as it was all in shops.

Today we went to have a look at Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree and its surrounding shops, and Meiji Shrine along with Yoyogi Park besides it.

Today's images

Today we went to a water park, which was packed, and got a little sun burned.

When we got back to the hotel, Ima stayed behind as she felt a little sick as I went into Shinjuku for an hour or two to look around, and see what was in the Animate and Gamers there.

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Today has been a chill day. Changed hotels and done laundry. Very little happened today, which is good as it was nice and cheap.

Only thing to note is this hotel room is much smaller, and we no likey... especially as it's more expensive.

Today we went for a walk around the Imperial Palace gardens, before visiting the Pokemon Center in Ginza, and having dinner at the Pokemon Cafe

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Today we went for a little walk around Ueno park, and through Ueno zoo, then stopped at a shrine outside Akihabara on the way back to the hotel.

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We went back into Akihabara for the last time today, and into the last few shops we hadn't been into.

We both got a few more goodies, but other than the heat outside, it was a pretty chill day.

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A geeky day in Ikebekuro seeing some Pokemon stuff, looking at more anime goods, and visiting a maid cafe.

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After a day of sickness, we were ready to go out and do some stuff.

Unsure if we were actually well, or just feeling a little better, we settled on going back into Akihabara, as it's close, and still so much more to see.

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After yesterday's bout of sickness, today threw it into overdrive, so we spent the entire day resting, apart from going out to get medicine. 

Hopefully tomorrow, all will be well again, and we'll be back into Akihabara for more goodies and other fun things, then we can get some pictures.

Arriving in Tokyo late morning, we were signed into the hotel by 2pm, as such we went out and looked in some of the shops in Akihabara, before returning to the hotel a few hours later as we were exhausted.

After a few hours sleep, and waking up at midnight, we both agree Saturday is going to be a sick day as neither of us are in perfect health.

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An early morning flight tomorrow to Tokyo. As such, I'm leaving for London tonight, so I'm not in a rush tomorrow.

Will be meeting Imalune at the airport at our stopover in Moscow tomorrow.

This day ended up merging with Thursday to be a huge blur, as it just disappeared due to travelling.

Although, meeting with Imalune at Moscow was stressful, as I couldn't get phone signal, and the airport WiFi needed phone confirmation. So I had no way to contact her.

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Travel status: complete

Back to Japan this year, and this time I've stolen Imalune to come along with me!

We shall be stopping for 2 weeks in Tokyo, doing a wide variety of things in and around the city, from Akihabara to Yokohama we'll be having a geeky fortnight, filled with a fair amount of Pokemon.

Check here daily between the 9th and 24th of August as we'll try to upload some pictures, and maybe videos too, of our outings.