Cars and football, do I really need to explain it any better than that?

Rocket League is just that. Fast cars playing football. It couldn't be any simpler, yet playing require a hell of a lot more skill.

When I first started playing Rocket League, I hated it. I still don't really enjoy it to this day, competitive gaming isn't my thing, and the levels of competitiveness, and salt, in Rocket League really don't lend themselves to my ideal gaming session.

However, every now and again, you get into a game with someone who isn't a complete arse, and you enjoy a good game, and you don't mind losing as they won't go out of their way to say "ez" or say "plz forfeit" mid-game. 

Salt and toxic community aside, the gameplay mechanics and aesthetics of the game are quite good, and definitely make Rocket League what it is. Though, the toxic community cannot be ignored, and I decided to drop a point off the overall score simply because of the people which make the game less enjoyable.

For a game which is pretty much multiplayer only, if you want a challenge at least, a good community is vital. And whilst the playerbase is healthy, and there's a lot of people who play and stay silent. When people talk, they tend to be the ones you wish stay quiet... and with that, on to the scores...


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28/Sep/2018 at 19:28

Story is a 1, because I can't score it lower. Rocket League has no story.

The graphics play well with the dynamics of the game, whilst also giving the same pitch a unique feel

From the boosts and goal explosions, to the pitches themselves, the level of detail across the entire game is to a very high standard. The only reason I gave this a 7 was because there isn't really a lot of graphical elements in the game to judge; it's not like an RPG where you can judge characters, terrain, equipment, etc.

Every time I play Rocket League with my 2v2 buddy*, and we end up on Neo Tokyo, he always complains saying he hates the pitch. And I don't see the issue, it's a beautiful backdrop, but that's all that's different, the backdrop. It doesn't matter what the backdrop is, apart from different announcer voices, and occasionally ambient sounds, they're all the same to play on, at least in competitive. But the fact that you can dislike a pitch simply because of its backdrop shows that the visuals of the game can have a huge impact, especially when we tend to win more on certain pitches than on others; maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's that my friend tends to do better when he's not bitching about the backdrop.

The sounds can be both great and annoying, but that's okay

The sounds of the boost can be both annoying and amazing, as with goal explosions. But they all have their own charm, and this makes them unique.

Along with this, the sound of the engine and boost is different enough that you usually hear an opponent coming towards you, even if you're not looking at them, especially if you're used to your team's car's noises (or playing solo). And the quality of the audio is great both through headphones and through speakers. As such, I scored the sound high. Then the soundtrack of the game, though changing each season, is generally pretty good too; not always to my liking, but good enough to get it the extra marks to get a 7.

You can lose a few hours if your not careful

If you're not watching the clock, it is quite easy to lose a few hours to Rocket League. This may be longer for other people, as my hands start to cramp after a few hours of using a controller, but if you get some good games, and your team have no intention of leaving, then there's nothing stopping you from losing track of time, and because games are so short you find yourself saying "Just one more" or "We can't end on a loss" all too often. But, beyond that, you're not going to get too immersed in Rocket League, hence the low score.

I honestly didn't really have much to say about Rocket League. It's an alright game, but not really my cup of tea. I think the next game review will be Girls Und Panzer: Dream Tank Match, but we'll see. I'm not as active with game reviews as I am with anime reviews. I'm trying to get game reviews out on a semi-frequent basis, but I don't play that many different games, so I can't really do weekly reviews on games, otherwise I'd run out of things too quickly. Until the next review, game on!

*read: Person who carries me, as I suck