The not-so serious stealth shooter game

This is a game for those who like to be a serious assassin, killing your target with a fish... dressed as a flamingo.

I should start by making three things very clear

  1. I had never played a Hitman game before this
  2. I am terrible at stealth games
  3. I hate third-person camera games

And with that out of the way, I feel the scores I have given are quite considerate. 

So what is the game about? In short, you take on the role of a hitman, Agent 47, and are given the task of taking out certain people. Sounds simple, right? The catch is, that they're always in an inconvenient location to do the hit, so you have to find elaborate ways to get close/kill them... Seriously, if I were a hitman, I'd snipe them whilst they sleep...


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03/Jan/2019 at 20:05

So let's talk about the game a little more.

The story was there... Not really anything special, personally I would have preferred there to be less story, more game. The few cutscene "levels" that progress as the story goes on tell a better story than the Hitman movie, that's for sure, but the story as a whole was very lacklustre and didn't really make me care whether I got these people or not.
Maybe I was missing out, because I didn't play the first game. But either way. The story wasn't bad, but it just wasn't interesting.

Becoming the Hitman

Now this is where the game shines. With amazing graphics to help you see every detail, great sounds both in terms of soundtrack/ambient sounds, and the sounds you cause (alarms, gunshots, etc.), you really do feel like you are there, in that world. The only thing which would make this better is a first person camera.
In third person, aiming is a nightmare. Don't get me wrong, being able to peak around a corner without actually poking your head out is great gameplay wise, but completely ruins your immersion. As a hitman you would have to brace these risks, and peek around a corner to see if it's safe to go, but having the third person camera negates that risk.
Sure, there's many other risks, such as trigger happy AI, or guards which can magically associate you with a crime they can't have known existed, let alone known who caused it. But these risks, for the most part, were more of an annoyance than a risk. If everything was going great, the risks were minimal, if you made one minor mistake then everything can fall apart quickly. I had this issue where I walked into a restricted area for all of a second, before I had guards chasing me for the body they found 2 streets back. I wouldn't have even walked into the restricted area if there was any indication of it on the map, but you can only tell a zone may be restricted to you by the guards standing out front... but I don't know if my disguise is restricted for this area or not, at least not until I try and walk past the guards.

Other than my minor niggles, mainly with the camera and "threats", I thoroughly enjoyed playing Hitman 2. I haven't completed all of the stories in each mission, but have completed each mission. Personally, I don't find playing this type of game in a specific way fun, I'd much rather go around throwing screwdrivers at people, and watching as people run towards their demise.

For anyone who is looking for a few hours of good stealth/assassin fun, in a sandbox environment with more weapons than ideas, then Hitman 2 is definitely a game to check out. The game is on Steam, so if you're still unsure on the game, and want to read the description, you can click the "See Steam Details" button to get a bit more info, and see more images.

Finally another game review. As much as I enjoy playing games, I don't have that many new games, and I don't really want to review games I've been playing for a long time. I'm not sure what I'll review next, but going by my track record for game reviews, it probably won't be until next month. But until then, good luck, have fun!