Vocaloid rhythm game fun

I am not a huge fan of rhythm games, nor do I have a huge variety of vocaloid songs I really enjoy. However, I really enjoyed Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone.

Until a few months ago, I didn't even know there were Miku rhythm games for the PS4. I only found out when a friend I was visiting said I could play their game whilst they were making dinner. Although there was just a few songs on that game that I recognised, I still enjoyed it greatly. Fast forward a bit, and that same friend recommends Future Tone to me, so once again I go into the game knowing very few songs.

Of the over 200 songs in the Future Tone bundle, I only knew a handful; Ievan Polkka, Po Pi Po, The World Is Mine, Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!, and World's End Dance Hall. So when scrolling through the rest of the songs, and thinking they sounded pretty bad I was a little disappointed in how much I had spent on the game. Although, after playing for a few hours, I realised that it's only really Kaito's songs that I couldn't stand... his voice just doesn't sound right to me, and whenever he's singing I can't help but think "can you just shut up".



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13/Mar/2019 at 12:32

Finding some new favourites

As mentioned, I didn't really know any of the songs. So when something like Like The Wind comes along, and gets stuck in your head, you both love the game, and hate it a little because you can't stop humming it.

Along with finding songs, there's also a really good rhythm game to be had. I find that rhythm games tend to either be very simplistic or overly complex, at least for me, and Future Tone is a much better balanced game in that regards. Apart from certain button combinations being quite awkward with their timing, or the background occasionally distorting the keys, making it difficult to judge when to press, for the most part it is a much more forgiving rhythm game than some of the others I have encountered.

Customisation is a little over the top

I really do like the amount of customisation options in the game. However, my biggest gripe with it is when you are coming to customise a module, and you want something specific. There aren't any filter options, so you can filter to a specific style, so if you wanted to make a more formal module, e.g. a kimono, you would have to scroll through all the outfits until you get to the option you want.
However, my biggest issue with this huge array of customisation options is the preview. If you're scrolling along, you can't stop scrolling, and the module would automatically preview the selection you are currently on, you have to manually select you want to preview that outfit/accessory. Which is only made more annoying by the fact you can't preview different things at once, so if you haven't bought the kimono outfit yet, but you wanted to see how it went with a specific hairstyle you haven't bought, you're out of luck, you have to buy at least one. Even if your idea wouldn't work, because something doesn't look right.

But apart from minor annoyances like that, there's very little about this game which I don't like... Other than Kaito.

I'm a little upset some of my favourite vocaloid songs[1]aren't included in this game, especially as one of them was included in a previous game. But apart from that, it is an otherwise great game.

I've not really done many game reviews, yet that was going to be one of the main things I was going to do with this site, along with blogging... yeah, that's going great. However, I'm going to try and do more game reviews, I just need to diversify the games I play a little more, as I keep playing the same few games.
As for how often new game reviews will come out, who knows. But until then, good luck, have fun!

[1]The Song of Love, Triple Baka, Stop Nagging Me, and Fukkireta