An angel flew down to me... and she wouldn't shut up about a Mya-nee

After I started reading the manga, I discovered it had an anime which was currently airing... so obviously, that was my next thing to watch, as soon as it had finished airing (I don't like watching stuff whilst it's airing, because I can't watch it all in one go), and that is exactly what happened.

I'm not going to lie, apart from the last episode which hadn't been translated in the manga yet/was not in the manga, everything is very much the same as the manga. It's good when stuff is true to its source material, however Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!, or Wataten, didn't really flesh it out.
When watching something I've read the manga on, I expect it to be the same story, but breathing life into the characters better than my imagination could, or adding the odd scene here or there which adds to the story. However, Wataten doesn't do that. Apart from the last episode, I didn't see anything I hadn't already read.

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Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me

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Doga Kobo

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03/Apr/2019 at 18:17

The characters were portrayed extremely well

To be honest, the characters are the only saving grace for Wataten in my opinion.

When reading the manga the top 3 characters were, in order, Miyako, Hana, and Hinata. However, after the anime put life into Hinata which I couldn't dream of, she jumped up to number one... although, the rest of the characters were very much how I expected them to be... apart from Matsumoto, who's stalker-ness was portrayed even better than the manga did it.

The problem is, it doesn't stand out

Wataten is a slice of life/comedy anime. If we just look at the anime I have reviewed on this site over a third of them are slice of life/comedy, but most of them have something that really separates them from others, whether it's Ika Musume and her being a squid or Chio-chan and her being... well... her... The problem with Wataten is there's nothing that really makes it stand out. 

If I had come across this over a year ago, I'd be singing its praises, saying it's a marvellous anime... But it's just very average. And unless you really want to hear Hinata shouting her love for Mya-nee, there's much better slice of life/comedy anime which have a lot more to them. Whether it's Ika Musume with an ongoing story, or Nichijou which has none.

Apart from Miyako being as close to a NEET as you can get, without actually being one, there isn't really much of a story to Wataten. This is fine as a 4-koma manga, especially when the chapters aren't that long. But as a 25 minute anime? I'm not so sure.

Another short review, huh?

I don't really feel like slating Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!, as it isn't a bad anime. It's just a very typical anime for its genre, with no real standout features to make it shine.

Next to review is the other anime I've been watching this week, Youjo Senki. I'll be reviewing that, along with Youjo Shenki, either this weekend or early next week. Luckily that one has a lot to talk about, and isn't a slice of life, or a comedy, anime... something which appears to be quite the rarity here.
I'm going to try to vary up what I watch a little more, and try and put stuff on my list of things to watch which I know I may drop... because having some terrible reviews would be interesting. But that's all for the future, until then じゃね!see ya.