Time travel without paradoxes

If only it were that simple... However, the idea behind time travel in Steins;Gate is good enough to explain away most paradoxical situations.

Similar to the multiverse theory, whenever an event occurs, or does not, a world line is created. It's a simple premise, easy to understand, and the lack of complexity means you're able to focus more on the story than the science.

As with any show that deals with time travel, you either ignore the science and enjoy the show, or you look at the science and then complain about how it makes no sense... I'm looking at you Dr Who. But with the extremely limited length of time the main characters are able to travel, excluding Suzu, it means that you aren't having to remember too much, but also, you're not expecting to see huge changes; for example, Akihabara not being a moe town... yeah, that'd never happen.

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07/May/2019 at 17:13

No moe in Akihabara

Although sending a person's memories back more than a few days is impossible for Okabe et al, sending a text message back over a decade is a piece of cake. 

As far as time travel in Steins;Gate goes, the Ferris world, and the Ruka worlds are the only ones harder to understand... especially the Ruka one; as it's kind of hard to believe that telling your would be mother to eat more vegetables would be enough to change your sex. But that doesn't detract from the main story, and isn't a glaring issue.

What is an issue is removing the moe from Akihabara. What were they thinking!? *coughs* Again, this was another great plot point to show how something which seems small and innocent could have a huge impact on the world, and without it Okabe would have had no issues continuing to abuse time travel.

A diverse and well rounded cast

It's very rare to come across a cast I liked as much as Steins;Gate, not for liking each character individually, because Moeka is literal trash, but for the cast as a whole, and how well they play on each other.

Whether it's Okabe having a severe case of chuunibyou, or Kurisu being a hardcore tsundere, most of the characters have a defining feature, Moeka's being how she's the worst, and they never deviate.
Even when Okabe has gone through something which would break most people, he can still believe in the Organisation, and that he is Hououin Kyouma a mad scientist ready to destroy the world... with his golden heart, and strong sense of right.

And other characters do well to play on each other. Whether it's Daru and Suzu, Okabe and Kurisu, Okabe and Mayushi, or Okabe and Ferris... Or Moeka and anyone else, is she still here? The interactions aren't the same, and you can tell that Mayushi has known Okabe for so long, Daru and Okabe have been friends for a while but not for too long, and that Kurisu wants to belong but also feels like she shouldn't.

-tina mo kinshi!

Whether it's Kurisu or Mayushi, there's some very memorable phrases and quotes to take from Steins;Gate.

Sure, I'll never get a chance to use them, but they are still there. With Mayushi's tutturu, and Kuristina.... well... -tina mo kinshi.

I was going to wait until I had watched the two movies to do this review... but then I would have put it off until I had got Elite for the Switch, and played that (future game review?), so I thought now was as good of a time as any. And I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with Steins;Gate.

Steins;Gate has been on my list of anime to watch for almost 2 years, and I kept putting it off, thinking it didn't look that good... I need to go and apologise to some people I haven't spoken to for over a year, because it was extremely good, and there's so much more I wanted to see.

However, I'll have to see if the movies grant my wishes, if not, maybe the games. But that's for another day. I'm currently watching the second season of Higurashi, When They Cry, and Kuzu no Honkai... I'm not too sure if I'll talk about either of these next, or maybe something else. But until then, じゃね!see ya.