A squidding good anime

Shinryaku! Ika Musume, or Squid Girl, is an anime about a squid, who takes on the form of a girl, and wishes to invade the land to stop humans polluting the water.

Only problem is, she's useless. Although she does manage to invade the hearts of the other characters, and the viewer, she doesn't even manage to take over a beach, let alone the world.

Squid Girl follows the day to day lives of the Squid Girl, and the people who give her a home, food, job, and love. Although Sanae's love is apparently unwanted... poor Sanae. Although her day to day life is nothing spectacular; working in a beach-hut cafe, it's the fact that so much abnormality is found in normality which makes Squid Girl all the more fun to watch.

Although she's able to speak perfect Japanese, and understands a little bit about the human world, Squid Girl is clueless about a lot of things, and watching her learn what everyone around her already knows also makes for an interesting story, as even the most basic things can be lost on her, whilst she's able to do what a lot of people struggle with; e.g. complex maths.

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The Squid Girl

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24/Feb/2019 at 14:52

It's a slice of life story

The anime is a slice of life, so if you're expecting a strong story, then you'll want to avoid Squid Girl. Although there are a few story lines which hold through both seasons of Squid Girl, they're not really anything too in-depth, and the story comes more from character interaction more than anything else.

The artwork is uniquely generic

There wasn't anything stand-out about the artwork, nothing that made me think they went the extra mile with it. However, everything from Squid Girl's design to the attention to detail with the cafe's interior, and the unfixed hole, shows that although they didn't push the boat out with the artwork, they definitely paid close attention to everything they did, and made sure nothing was there for no reason.; for example the squid tentacle loading screen style transition (see the main image as an example).

The characters have character

Squid Girl is the first anime I have seen to portray a sibling rivalry as I have experienced it. It's not always punching, or throwing each other's stuff, or competing, sometimes it is "I will never speak to you again, and if something happens to you, I don't care as it's your fault". Although Eiko and Squid Girl aren't related, they become like sisters, and having this type of sibling rivalry really adds to the connection they share. 

Along with this, there's how Eiko, Squid, and Takeru see Chizuru. Chizuru is portrayed as a nice big sister, until you get on her bad side, then she'll kill you. This is a great portrayal of siblings too, as there are siblings who have that great relationship with their older siblings, but know that if they do X then they had better be prepared for the consequences. 

Outside of the sibling relationships, we have Sanae. I feel like she was added for comic relief, but plays a big role in Squid's relationship to the other characters, as Sanae inadvertently makes Squid get closer to Eiko, and find security in her. She also has a closeness with Cyndi, which further alienates both Sanae and Cyndi, plus the other Scientists, from Squid.

Then there's Squid herself. Although she's an invader, she never wants to cause harm, she would be the worst choice for an invader. But even so, she tries her best to achieve this goal, and the characters around her don't try to stop her, they just let her fail, and are there for her when she needs them.

All in all, Squid Girl is a funny 2 season anime, which is definitely worth a watch for the comic relief alone.

Comic relief is really what I needed these past two weeks, as I was made redundant from my job and needed something the cheer me up. Squid Girl was one of the anime that helped cheer me up, Little Witch Academia and Tamako Market were the other two. Reviews for them will be coming soon, I'm hoping the next review will be the last one before I get a new site design live, as I have slowly been redesigning the entire site. So hopefully reviews will start to have more to them; embeded videos for funny scenes/music/etc. from the anime, more images, and generally a nicer layout. All of that is to come though, so until then じゃね!see ya