TL;DR anime sounds like it'll be lewd, but it's actually a masterpiece

Everything about this anime screams lewd, until you actually watch it. Then you realise how pure, and amazing, it actually is.

Let's start with the title "Bunny Girl Senpai" implies, well... I'm sure you've been on the internet, I'm not going to explain that. Then we have the artwork for the anime, the main image used in this review is the official image for the anime... Once again, it sets this up to be a lewd anime.

I originally picked it up based on screenshots on Tumblr, I had no idea what it was about, but the jokes seemed funny, so I expected it to be some sort of rom-com. But, oh boy was I wrong! Everything about this anime was great, the story and how it played out, the characters and how they interacted, the plot twists and red herrings. Everything was amazing. I loved every minute of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai, and I cannot wait for the movie to come out!

Before going a little more in-depth with the review of this I should point out that there will be spoilers, so if you haven't watched this yet, go and do that now. 

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Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

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10/Jan/2019 at 19:13

Is that a score of 9 for sound? What the hell!

It's a little bit of a cheat, really. Whilst the background music, and the sound effects are generally really good, they don't deserve more than a 7. 

The ED is a nice song, and goes with the anime's theme quite well.

But the OP. Holy crap, the OP! I love it. There's no better way to say it. It fits the opening scenes so well, but whats more it has gotten stuck in my head, made me want to go out and listen to more songs by The Peggies, and no OP has ever made me look for other songs. Sure Choucho or ClariS have amazing songs which aren't anime themes, but none of their OP/EDs have made me want to go looking for them. I know giving the anime bonus sound points for a great artist/band is kind of lame, but when I'm listening to a random song by The Peggies a few months from now, I'll probably remember this anime. If a Choucho song started playing now, I wouldn't suddenly think of Girls Und Panzer... because we all know Dreamriser is one of the best songs by Choucho.

The artwork is kind of generic, but that's fine

If more work had been put into the artwork, then it wouldn't have been noticed. You're too focused on the story, and the characters to really care if there's more detail to the background, or that certain outfits are a bit bland. Bad artwork can detract from the story you're trying to tell, good artwork can enhance it, but great artwork doesn't really affect the story - it just makes it look a little better whilst you're telling the story.

The characters and story are all you need to worry about

The story is split into 5 different story arcs; Mai, Rio, Nodoka, Tomoe, and Kaede. Each character suffers with their own version of puberty syndrome, which doesn't really get explained properly, but is meant to be because of some funny quantum physics.

Each story arc is a very well rounded story and after episode 3, when Mai's arc ended, I was thinking to myself "is this now just going to be some lovey-dovey rom-com?" as I didn't expect they'd have multiple occurrences of this. And the plot twist with Kaede having two side effects from her encounter with puberty syndrome, instead of the one made clear to the audience early on, was quite a shock, and I was a little sad with the ending she got... I really liked Kaede. Though I kind of expected her to die, and she kinda did, but not as I was expecting.

The interactions between Sakuta and Mai are some of the more believable that I've seen for a couple in an anime in quite some time. You feel like they're definitely a couple at the awkward stage before being able to say "I love you" but after saying that you love them to other people. And the friendship between Sakuta and all of the other main characters is also portrayed very well, and you can tell how he feels about each one, without any other character ever having to say something like "Sakuta really cares about his little sister".

And with that, I'll leave discovering the rest of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai up to you. I wanted to give it a 10/10, I really did, but I don't think it's on the same sort of level as Koe No Katachi, it's not far off, but the movie may bump it up to a 10.
Next up, Zombieland Saga. So make sure to check back soon for that, but until then じゃね!see ya