I was hesitant to do a review on RWBY, firstly because it's been over 5 years since I watched episode 1, and secondly because my opinions on pretty much everything relating to the series, and anime in general, has changed so much over those past 5 and a bit years.

But I have decided I may as well do it now, whilst it's still likely to get a decent score, than after the next volume is released, and I either give it a higher score, or the more likely lower score.

People argue whether RWBY is an anime. Personally, I don't care either way, but I'm going to look at it as if it were one, seeing as that's the general audience of the series.

If I were to say is RWBY is a good anime, I would say no. As an anime it's not really what you'd expect, and the artwork doesn't fit into the anime style at all. However, as a series, you're going to get some good entertainment out of it... until volume 5. It's not the best series you'll ever watch, but if you want an action-adventure series, with a great character lineup, and a good mix of fun and serious, then RWBY is definitely worth your time.

However, this is only really true for the first 4 volumes, of the current 6.
Volumes 1 and 2 focus on the characters' first year at school, and settling in to becoming hunters and huntresses. The environment they're in is fairly safe, apart from a pretty useless criminal enemy, and gives the characters time to become the heroes they are bound to become.
Volume 3 is where the action truly starts to begin, with a decent enemy, and the plot for the rest of the series truly starting.
Volume 4 focuses on backstories and recovery, which adds extra depth to the characters which you are growing attached to.
Volume 5 and 6 are about travelling to the strongest kingdom. Although many things happen along the way, the only way I can describe these two chapters are that they're just about travelling, with a bit of action thrown in. You tell your stories, you fight off attackers, but it's just the happenings that occur between point A and point B, with a bit of bad-guy action along the way.

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09/Feb/2019 at 16:56

It's definitely not a bad series

I wouldn't say RWBY is a bad series, in fact quite the opposite. With a host of characters you grow to love, from the energetic Ruby or Nora to the cold Weiss or Lie, they all manage to make an impact on you... yes, even Jaune. Along with the characters you have a wonderful setting for the action to take place in, and some really stunning visuals/sound to go along with it.

My only gripe with the series is volume 5 and 6. I feel like some of the episodes could have been cut from both of them. Have them arrive in Atlas half way through volume 6, or even at the end of 5 if you cut out some of the lesser story development points. I enjoyed watching every episode, but I felt that certain things seemed to drag on a little longer than they should, which is good as you don't want action all the time, but you also don't want to have too many filler episodes.

The bad guys suck

There's no real sense of balance with the bad guys in RWBY... and I'm surprisingly okay with this.

In volume 1 we have Torchwick. He's a pretty useless bad guy, there's not much to him, but he is the perfect level 1 boss. You feel like if RWBY was a game, Torchwick would be the perfect boss battle for you to encounter first, he has some good ideas, and could crush you if you weren't paying attention, but is pretty useless if you put any effort into defeating him... Also, he has Neopolitan, who is currently my favourite character, mainly due to RWBY Chibi.

In volume 2, Torchwick is still around, as you'd expect from your first real rival, but the Grimm become more of a threat. The Grimm are much like the mobs which would randomly attack you as you go between towns in an RPG game, in volume 1 they posed no real threat, but in volume 2, due to Torchwick upping his game, the Grimm are now a threat.

Volume 3 introduces the enemies which will stick with us until the end. They're pretty evenly matched with the protagonists until the last episode or two, and that's when everything changes.

Volume 4 through 6 doesn't see any changes in the main bad guys, but there are new henchmen. To this day, I still am not a fan of Tyrian, everything about him feels wrong; it's meant to be that way, but I just can't come to see him as a decent enemy, as he just seems like a blood-crazed killer, instead of a henchman.

The graphics

When my friend at the time introduced me to RWBY, I almost dropped it instantly because the artwork felt off. It just didn't look or feel right the way everybody looked, or moved.

But now, it feels just as natural as any other anime, and the rest of the world and objects in it fit so nicely in it, whilst looking close enough to human objects that we know what something is, but alien enough that we can't know all of its functions until we see it in action. For example, Ruby's scythe.

...it's also a gun

And that's about all I have to say for RWBY. I didn't really feel like I needed to explain the scoring, as it is what it is. Hopefully, now the gang is in Atlas, the story will move along a little quicker in volume 7, but we can only wait and see.

Whilst I was waiting for the last couple of RWBY episodes to be released I watched Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko and Higashi no Eden, which I will probably look at reviewing next. But until then, じゃね!see ya