Who doesn't love that feeling when you're dressed to kill? What about when your dress will kill?

Well that's Kill La Kill. To summarise the plot, in one sentence or less; Kill La Kill is about specially designed clothing, which can enhance your combat abilities, being used to take over the world.

Sound absurd? Yes. Yes it does. But it is an interesting absurdity nonetheless. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like KLK at all, and the way Satsuki looked always seemed wrong to me. But we don't care about her, she may be a major plot point, and a pretty integral character to the series, but she could have been anyone in the main cast, apart from Mako, and the story wouldn't have felt all that off.

Everything about the world Kill La Kill is set in is weird, and wrong, and so far from reality that you know it would never happen... Apart from the dystopian authoritarian regime which Satsuki cultivates, which makes you think that certain aspects could actually happen.

Personally, I thought artwork wasn't all that great, the characters were very well done, and everything else was nice, but not great. So let's talk about them a little more in depth.

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18/Dec/2018 at 19:27

As is becoming quite common, I see no point in repeating my generic "sound was good, but nothing outstanding" comment when it comes to the sound. Apart from certain noises whilst fights are going off, nothing really stood out as impressive.

The art made the anime look a lot older than it is

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the art style for Kill La Kill would lead one to assume it is at least 10 years old, whereas it's not even 5. Although the art style seems to get a little more "modern" in the later episodes, I couldn't help but think it seemed older than it actually is.

However, overlooking the art style's age, the designs of all the clothing and how they looked compared to what special powers they had was really well done. From the bondage-style masochist suit (yes, I'm talking about Gamagoori's suit) to the slightly ridiculous flying orchestra, they were all extremely detailed, whilst doing a great job of showing what the suit's power was, but also what the person wearing it was like.

The characters themselves also were very well designed for the their personality, with Ryuuko looking very much like a delinquent, but still having a cute and girly side to her, or Nui looking all sweet an innocent, but actually being pure evil.

The character interactions were great

They were always very consistent in how characters communicated with each other. There was no "we're friends now" mentality; even in their final fight Nonon referred to Mako in the same derogatory way she had throughout the show, even though Mako was the only one who seemed to be willing to fight.

On top of this the character progression was done really well, with Ryuuko's end goal changing, whilst her motive stays the same. And Satsuki's motive being very well hidden throughout the first half of the series. Along with all of the side characters also having their story progress at a decent pace, without having entire episodes dedicated just to them.

My only gripe with any character is Nonon, because she would have been the character in the banner, and my top character, if she didn't have such an unbearable voice... But alas, the main character steals that spot; which is the first time in a long time that I've seen the main character as the best.

An unbelievable story, in both senses of the word

If you said to someone "this is my idea for a story", they'd say you're crazy. But then they'd see how the story unfolds, and how the characters interact and progress and they'd say "You're still crazy. But this is crazy good".

I'm not a huge fan of this style of story, so my opinion is biased. There were many holes in the story which could have done with explaining a little better, whilst sacrificing certain less important plot devices. But I enjoyed watching Kill La Kill, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to people who appear like that genre of anime.

I enjoyed watching Kill La Kill but, as I said, it's not usually a genre I'd watch. As such, next up is something a little more my style; Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san. But that's another anime for another day. So until then, じゃね!see ya