This anime is MANIAC!

Once more we delve into an anime where the characters are the best bit about it... well, according to the scores. But in reality it's just one character which stands out as the best.

In actuality, we have an anime with a lot to offer in just 12 episodes.

Very rarely do I find myself having to hold in laughter whilst watching anime on the bus, but a few times whilst watching this I may have struggled to hold it in due to the antics of Inu x Boku SS.

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Inu X Boku Secret Service

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David Production

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24/Apr/2019 at 15:51

Let's start by talking about EDs

All of the main characters had their own ED, and each one perfectly suits that character.

Whilst I thought the OP wasn't that great, each ED fitted in with the episode it was used, but also added the character it was for. For example, Karuta's which is embedded left/above. Without knowing anything about her, you can make a very good guess at what sort of things she likes, what her general attitude is like... but maybe not what her youkai side is like.

Character development is extremely focused

There doesn't seem to be a moment where character development is left unused as a plot device. I can't think of a single instance where I thought "so they explained X is doing Y, but we've not seen it again since".

Along with this, characters are developed at a right amount based on their involvement in the overall story. I never felt like Watanuki, for example, was given more screen time than his character really needed. In addition, it never felt like Ririchiyo or Soushi's development took up too much time either. Although, I did think Soushi's backstory was drawn out, it all needed to be there so the audience could fully understand his situation.

For a shounen anime it felt more shoujo

That's not a bad thing in my books, but with the overall theme essentially being love and friendship, along with the main plot line, one would think the series was a shoujo anime. 

Although, I understand why it's shounen, I think it's clutching at a much looser definition than you'd expect from your average shounen anime.

All in all, Inu x Boku SS was definitely worth a watch, if for nothing else other than Karuta; she is my spirit animal. It's much better than the other anime I have been watching over the past week, A-Channel, which isn't worth talking about.

I want to review some bad anime at some point... but some really bland slice of life, which I doubt many people have heard of, doesn't really seem all that appealing.

Next up though I have Stein's Gate, and probably something else which isn't my usual genres. But that's for next time, until then じゃね!see ya