I don't have many friends, so I'll start a club to make a harem for my best friend... and other crazy ideas which sound better in your head

Yozora is meant to be a smart character, but creating that harem for Kodaka was the biggest mistake she ever made... oh wait, this is the start of the review... *coughs*

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, or Haganai, is a light-hearted slice of life anime about 5 high school students who struggle to make friends, so join a club to learn how to make friends... Who said anime had to make sense?

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Haganai: I don't have many friends

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15/Apr/2019 at 16:10

The storyline throughout both seasons is very lacklustre, apart from the occasional throwbacks to Yozora and Kodaka's childhood, and Sena liking Kodaka... oh, and Rika being a huge pervert... like, super huge... she'll even get turned on by train couplings.

But when you're in high school, perversion is the aim of the game... right? Well, it's got to be, as Rika's not the only one into lewd things, as we also have Sena, the school's goddess... though hated by all females, who's into some pretty hardcore eroge. Which isn't really an issue for anyone in the club... unless Yozora forces her to read scenes from it.

The characters were all amazing

It's very rare for me to find a slice of life where I like all of the main characters, apart from 1 scene with Rika and Kodaka there was never a moment where I was thinking "could we have less time with X and more with Y", which is usually the case.

The plot twists with each character were all quite interesting too... apart from the last one. Whether it's Yozora being Kodaka's childhood friend, although it was quite obvious, or Yukimura, as Rika so elegantly put it, not having a yaoi hole.

And now the disappointment

The ending

It was obvious I couldn't ignore this.

I can skip over a lot of the weird things in the plot, but this... this I cannot.

I haven't read the light novel, nor do I think I will, because light novels aren't as easy to get a hold of in English as manga, but I highly doubt the LN has any explanation for the ending.

Rika is a genius, sure. That easily explains HOW she has those things... but it doesn't explain WHY.

Maybe I was missing something, maybe the dub doesn't do the last scene justice - I watched S1 subbed, and S2 dubbed, due to what was available at the time, or maybe the scene just didn't make sense.

It didn't fit in with the rest of series. The entire last episode didn't really. Sure, it made sense that Kodaka would run away, and not return... but nothing that happens in that last episode really seemed like it was what any of the characters would have done.

If I was to judge until episode 10 of S2, then the series as a whole would be borderline 9/10, but the ending was a train wreck that cannot be ignored.

...much like Rika demands to not be ignored, so I'll leave a few great clips of her.

So that was Haganai. I added this to my watch list over a year ago, as one of my friends, who hates anime, said he'd watched it and enjoyed it.
I understand why he liked it, and definitely enjoyed it myself.

However, I can't stress how much I hated the ending, it was just so bad. Words can't even describe how I felt watching that last episode.

I'm not too sure what anime I'll talk about next, I also finished Sukitte Ii na yo last week, so I could talk about that, but I may also talk about Gi(a)rlish Number... we'll see how I feel. But that's all for next time, so until then じゃね!see ya