If I were to sum up this anime in just two words it would be "disappointing ending".

I should note that I am not a fan of horror/supernatural anime, and I only watched this as I kept seeing gifs from this anime, and it piqued my interest.

I think this goes without saying, but spoilers ahead.

Another throws us into the world of a high school which has a haunted classroom, where every year a ghost comes back from the dead, and for some bizarre reason, decides to try and kill it classmates, because there was one too few seats for it.

Sounds crazy, right? Well it is!

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11/Mar/2019 at 11:11

The deaths slowly lose their impact

The first death we see is the prior gif of Yukari being impaled by her umbrella.

How many times have you seen someone die by umbrella? It's not common, and the way that it was done was quite good.

She runs to avoid the main character, trips down stairs, and has an umbrella tracheostomy. It's not something I've ever seen before, and makes for quite the impactful first death of the series.

Although, Yukari is quite alien to us, and the main character, so whilst the death itself is impactful, her death is just another tragedy in our eyes, and the main character's eyes. However, the second death has more of an impact, as we have seen Sanae a little more, heard her talk more, and the main character has had more contact with her before the story begins.
So when she dies, it's an even more impactful death than Yukari's.

However, the last few deaths have no real significance, and almost come to the level of murder porn that you'd expect from a series like Corpse Party... just not as gorey.

Sure, watching the class go insane killing each other, in a hope to kill the ghost makes for a good story, the deaths themselves mean nothing. Most of the characters dying have no significance to us, and the way some of them go doesn't really make us care about how they died as much as the umbrella to the throat, or the faulty elevator.

How is she the ghost?

I'm going to talk a little about Alfred Hitchcock's bomb situation, and how it relates to this ending, and why I hate it so much.

The ending of Another is a surprise. There is no way the audience could have guessed Reiko was the ghost, apart from one throwaway line by her father, who is mourning the loss of her sister, and says something along the lines of "I'm sorry Ritsuko, I'm sorry Reiko" which doesn't really imply that Reiko has died, nor do we ever hear anything like it again. So we just assume that the father is mourning the loss of the daughter which is gone, and is apologising to the daughter he has left because he could save her sister.

The ending of Another would have made a much better ending if we take the suspense approach from Hitchcock. Mei knew all along that Reiko was the ghost, she even saw Reiko get killed. Why didn't she say this to anyone? Even if they didn't know that killing the ghost would have stopped the calamity, it would have made sense for her to speak up and say "the assistant teacher is the ghost", even if just to one other person, that way they would have known, and we the audience would have known. And from that moment on, every interaction we see with Reiko and another student, would have made for a much more suspenseful experience.

To go back to Hitchcock's original situation. If everyone had sat at the table, and there was a bag below the table that no one noticed, but was obvious for the audience to see. The ending is still a surprise, as no one knew that the bag had a bomb in it. However, there was no bag equivalent in Another. The bomb went off, and a small explanation happened afterwards, nothing really to make you feel the 11 episodes prior really meant anything to the story's resolution.

I didn't hate Another. I just thought that the poorly foreshadowed surprise was a big kick in the teeth, and that just a little bit extra foreshadowing would have gone a long way. There was a good reason to believe at least 4 of the students could have been the ghost, even after they said they weren't. But there was no reason to believe a teacher could have been a ghost, let alone was one.

But that's it for this review. I'm keeping it short as there isn't really much I can say about it. I thought the first 8 episodes dragged on way too much, and the last 4 were a little hectic, and left off with a bad ending.

Next up, Mikakunin de Shinkoukei. So far I'm enjoying it, so we should have a more positive review after two kind of lacklustre ones. But that's for another day, so until then じゃね!see ya