Moving Home

Finally moved in, and I'm glad

These past few weeks have been filled with packing a little bit at a time... Maybe too little, as it came to the last Sunday before moving, and I had about half of my things packed.

Somehow I managed to get it all done, but at the expense of not doing much web stuff, outside of work, for the past week.

It would have been nice if it hadn't taken so long though. Along with moving, I also needed to buy some things to furnish the house, and then assemble a few things too.

All in all, I was awake for almost 20 hours yesterday, most of which was spent packing the last few things, dismantling/assembling furniture, and being either on my feet, or my hands and knees... For someone who is used to 8 hours of sleep, followed by sitting down most of the day, yesterday almost killed me,

I'm in now though, but there's still more to be done... I'll do it eventually, but not today; I feel like my legs are going to fall off.

Posted On: 01/Jun/2019 at 12:27