HOI4 Modding Updates!

Finally live!

After being in beta for 8 months, I have finally made the decision to push the site live, with its current functionality, in order to get people to move away from the woefully bad and outdated tool which was on the live site, and to also make the beta site become an actual beta site; if you're on there, you expect things to break.

Beta access is restricted for now, however, it will open up again in the future, once more tool are added. For now, it will sit there solely to serve the purpose of ensuring everything works before it goes live.

If you've used the tool whilst it was in beta, all of your data will be on the live site; images, login details, focus trees, events, etc. I'll be setting the beta site to use all of the live site's images, so beta testers will be able to continue to work on projects, as if the site were already live.

If you find any issues, the forum on the site is always open for bug reports, please do not hesitate to flag any issues!

Posted On: 02/Feb/2019 at 12:15