Back From Japan

After almost 48 hours of travelling/waiting in airports, I returned home late yesterday evening

The trip as a whole was amazing, the only fault during the entire trip (excluding flights) was the hour delay on the train towards Mount Fuji. 

I wasn't sure what to expect whilst there, but I'm very glad I went and enjoyed every moment of it. If you haven't seen any of the pictures from whilst I was there, or are interested in what I did, you can read about the entire trip on my travel log

I definitely want to go back to Japan again, but will more than likely only do one, or maybe two, hotels instead of five, and try to make sure that the hotels aren't in stupid places which are hard to get to/from. 

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Posted On: 24/Aug/2018 at 10:29

Updated On: 28/Sep/2018 at 15:57